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The international definition of a Related Body is a separate legal entity that is linked to the accreditation body by common ownership or contractual agreements.

Based on standard ISO/IEC17011 “Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for the Accreditation Bodies that perform the accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies”, that applies to ema since January 2006, on point 4.3, on Impartiality, and on section 4.3.7 it states:

The Accreditation Body must ensure that the activities of its Related Bodies do not compromise the confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality of its accreditations. However, a Related Body may offer consulting services and provide all those conformity assessment services that are accredited by the Accreditation Body, only if the related body has (concerning the Accreditation Body):

            a) Different top Direction for the activities described in paragraph 4.2.5.

            b) Different personnel than the one involved in the accreditation’s decision making process.

            c) Impossibility to influence in the result of an assessment for accreditation, and

            d) Different name, logos and symbols.

The Accreditation Body, with the stakeholders participation, must identify, analyze and document the relation with related bodies to determine potential conflicts of interest, whether they come from within the accreditation body or from the activities of the related bodies. Where conflicts are identified, appropriate actions should be taken.

According to the above, ema performed an analysis in its Board of Directors regular meetings of April and June of 2006, and identified ema’s Related Bodies the Associates and those that have signed any contractual or collaboration agreement with the organization (ema), as well as the Regional and International Accreditation Forums that ema belongs to as a member and which with it has signed Recognition Agreements.  Causes for possible conflicts of interest were analyzed and identified while the actions to be undertaken to avoid such conflicts were determined. ema’s Board of Directors performs the analysis modification each time a new contract agreement is signed.

With these actions ema ensures that its relation with the Related Bodies does not compromise its confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality.


ema is formed by Associates which are considered Related Bodies according to ISO/EC 17011, since they adopt the owner’s rights based on the Mexico City (Distrito Federal) Civil Code, article 2670 which states that in the event several individuals convey to reunite in a way that is not entirely transitory, performing a common purpose that is not forbidden by law and that has not an economical character predominance, it constitutes an association. The conflict of interest is eliminated by defining their rights and obligations which are described in the Social Statutes of the body and in article 2672 of the Civil Code mentioned above. In both documents the associates are not allowed to influence the accreditation processes.

Below are listed ema’s Related Bodies by contractual arrangements, agreements, by MOU’s and/or MLA’s/MRA’s. These documents as well as the matrix for the actions performed to avoid conflict of interest are in ema’s headquarters.

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